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Love and Monsters

After a nuclear catastrophe, about 95% of humanity was wiped out. We’re following Joel Dawson, a young man on his surviving trip over the post-apocalyptic surface of the earth. On the way, he meets a dog called Boy. Through thick and thin they shall become a great team bonded through a special love between human and animal. Oh wait, that’s not the plot. Anyway, something like that. I was the one falling in love with the dog. Add an asteroid, an ex-girlfriend, giant insects and two-headed turtles and you have the story.

When I first discovered “Love and Monsters” on Netflix I thought it would be a typical Netflix trash production with even worse effects. I was so wrong, I really enjoyed it. Although I don’t even like Dylan O’Brien as an actor and I have to admit that some of the special effects are for sure not ideal. Despite that, it’s a nice film. Bringing together a cool story, a wonderful sense of humour and horrible cute monsters. However, the by far best character in “Love and Monsters” is Boy, damn it, I love this dog! Sorry to all the cat people, I’m a dog lover.

By the way, the film directed by Michael Matthews has a run time of 109 minutes, making a pleasantly short sci-fi adventure.

Fun fact: I finally found a personal indication for having watched a film I liked. There are people who binge series’ or can watch YouTube or TV after seeing a good film. I’m not one of them. I never understood that. A good series or film is thought-provoking. It keeps me thinking about a certain topic or just lets me handle the emotional information the medium conveyed. We are no computers, we need time to react properly to emotional stimuli. This is my problem with the current binging culture, through binging we don’t have enough time to digest the pictures and things happening on screen. Therefore we can’t fully react to them and our mood only changes minorly.

If I don’t wanna watch or do something else after a film or episode of a series, I’m pretty sure I enjoyed it because it was thought-provoking for me in some kind of way. By the time it keeps me thinking about it far beyond watching, I know it’s pretty good or truly bad. “Love and Monsters” isn’t that good, nonetheless it’s a nice film which made me looking forward to a possible second part.