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Monster Hunter

Everything is possible in filmmaking, except for making a good videogame adaptation. Why is that? Simply because the director never understands the true essence of the game. “Monster Hunter” may have the assets such as weapons and monsters from the game series, yet, nothing else.

I’ve personally been some sort of fan of the game series since I was young. Always watched my brother playing it on the PSP and played it myself from time to time. Although, I never went hunting for the big guys. Then, in 2018, “Monster Hunter World” was released and the franchise set foot onto the western market, has it always been big only in Asian countries. This was the first game I kept playing for myself over many hours. It even became one of my favourite games. Therefore, it hurts to see how the film spits on that.

Monster Hunter has always been about hunting and fighting the name given monsters. Still, it was just as much about discovering and exploring the world of these monsters and understanding the ecosystem they live in. The film shows only a tiny number of that which is covered in horrible CGI. I’m not someone who easily depicts CGI as good or bad but if you compare the scene from “Game of Thrones” where Drogon sets the loot train on fire with the ‘dragon’ (I know it’s a wyvern) spitting fire in “Monster Hunter”, even I see the difference. Just like in “Game of Thrones” they could’ve just used real fire, looks not only more realistic but also way more dangerous.

In addition to that, “Monster Hunter” comes with an awful soundtrack which rather sounds like the background racket in conspiracy theory shows. They didn’t even use the classic theme from the games, which is one of the most iconic themes in game history. The only thing worse in the film is the story. Military soldiers unwillingly traveling to the world of Monster Hunter and then chasing the storm which brought them there, to get back. That has nothing to do with the game series and stories. The only thing funny about “Monster Hunter” is that they said Rathalos is one of the most dangerous monsters in this world. Yeah … my sweet summer children, you have no idea what’s dangerous.

Do you ask what is not bad in this film? Well, the chemistry between Milla Jovovich as Captain Artemis and Tony Jaa as the Hunter has potential which is sadly reduced on chocolate.

In conclusion, “Monster Hunter” is horrible. Bad CGI, overcut action, no essence of the games. Anyway, if you’re a fan of the game series and just wanna have a look at how Hollywood again failed to produce a bearable game adaptation, you can have a look at it. With a run time of 1 h 44 minutes, the shit lasts at least not long. “Monster Hunter” was better than I thought but, to be honest, I had very low expectations.