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Pieces of a Woman

It is called the wonder of birth. The feeling of giving birth to a baby is something you probably just understand when you’re pregnant yourself. All the worse is the pain you feel if your newborn dies right after giving birth. How does someone cope with that pain, especially if the cause of death seems unclear? “Pieces of a Woman” asks that question by telling a simple but deep story about loss, grieve and responsibility you keep thinking about, even beyond the credits.

Vanessa Kirby as Martha Weiss and Shia LaBeouf as her husband Sean Carson are doing such a great job playing those two broken characters, each of them coping with the situation in a different way. Aside of the compelling story and acting, I got hit by the fantastic Soundtrack from Howard Shore which fits the atmosphere every second and is placed in a perfect dosage within the movie. “Pieces of a Woman” is not a perfect movie, nevertheless it is etched in my memory and will stay there for a while, not only because one of the opening scenes is a masterpiece of around 24 minutes with a stunning performance of Vanessa Kirby. I can only recommend the movie to everyone who has a spot open for this well-written drama, which touches the heart in a very unique way.