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Sound of Metal

The human ear. Isn’t it nearly magical how it filters all of the sounds surrounding us and makes us hear them in a pleasant way by adapting the frequency and eliminating disturbing noises? It is something we should always be grateful for to have.

“Sound of Metal” tells the story of Ruben portrayed by Riz Ahmed, a drummer who suddenly loses his hearing and then needs to deal with being deaf.

This may sound like a simple or maybe even boring story, yet it is not the story that caught me. It rarely is. Even big stories of entire franchises like the Marvel-Cinematic-Universe aren’t interesting just for the story itself. The importance of a story grows with the impact on their characters. That’s what makes stories fascinating and catching. Why else are all Oscar-winners character dramas?

Within this story we get confronted with the scenario of being deaf, we even hear it ourselves due to the fantastic sound design. Something I couldn’t endure in real life. Just the thought of never ever listening to music again or someone’s voice. Horrible. Yet, the film also told me about the peace it can bring. The peace of silence.