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The Lincoln Lawyer

A defense lawyer has to protect his client at all costs, even if he’s sure that his client is guilty. Unfortunately, he cannot just tell the prosecutor because this information falls under the attorney-client privilege. To infringe that privilege would cost a lawyer at least his license, maybe more (haven’t studied law). He’s backed against the wall, so what does he do? … He breaks the goddamn thing down!

Matthew McConaughey as the lawyer Mickey Haller is the core of the movie and for sure the second reason for me to choose this particular movie this week. However, my first reason was the genre, a legal thriller. Since the series “Suits” I got addicted to the job and work of a lawyer, although either the series or the movie is completely accurate in depicting American Law. Especially the fact that cases and deals aren’t wrapped up within a few days was the main reason that I didn’t study it myself. Nevertheless, I’m a huge fan of movies like “A Few Good Men” or a series like “Suits”.

he Lincoln Lawyer” is a great legal thriller but for sure not a movie that will be on my mind for as long as the already mentioned “A Few Good Men”. Still, I would definitely recommend it to every legal thriller or Matthew McConaughey fan. That doesn’t mean people who aren’t a fan of the genre should keep their hands off the movie, quite the opposite because the movie feels frequently more like a thriller than a legal thriller. Anyway, you can be sure that I’ll comment on a lot more legal thrillers in the future.