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“-Lt. Robert Nunally: Your wife? Is she ok? -Ted Crawford: I don’t think she is. I shot her.”

And that’s what he did in Gregory Hoblit’s movie “Fracture”. “He” is played by Anthony Hopkins and named Ted Crawford, a rich mastermind who discovered an affair between his wife and Lieutenant Robert Nunally. After that, he shot her.

However, this is just the exposition. As usual, he gets arrested and a prosecutor gets charged with the case. The prosecutor, in this case, is Willy Beachum played by Ryan Gosling, who has a 97% conviction rate and sees a chance of winning that case quickly because of an overload of evidence. To his disadvantage, all of that becomes useless overnight and he is backed against the wall. Now he is conflicted with the most difficult case in his career to preventing this criminal from getting discharged.

Aside from the main cast, there is Rosamund Pike as Nikki Gardner and Billy Burke as the Lieutenant. Although “Fracture” is a legal thriller it sometimes felt like a comedy to me. As I already said in my review of “The Lincoln Lawyer” I’m a huge fan of legal thrillers or series like “Suits”, which means I’d submit that I have some basic knowledge of the American law system. By having that I couldn’t stop laughing in the first courtroom scene which was hilarious. Anyway, except for that scene, it’s still a real legal thriller with Anthony Hopkins as an astonishing villain.